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All about HealthTips is an Indian' leading health and lifestyle website. Healthy food tips content is accessible and trustworthy and is designed to enable readers to make decisions about their health. It provides a  great place for people to aware of the Nutrition, Healthy food,  Ayurvedic treatments of diseases, Skincare tips,  Beauty tips, Preventing hair fall by healthy food, and Weight loss. We will provide accurate and practical awareness of home remedies to cure dangerous diseases. We will give you accurate information about healthy eating. We know that Nowadays All the people are so much busy that they have no time to think about health that what have to eat? so that our health remains healthy. 

About myself 
 My name is Deepak Kumar Gupta. I am the founder of All about HealthTips website. This website is designed for 15 Sept 2018. I have done schooling from Rajkamal Saraswati Vidya Mandir. I have graduated in 2009 from PIET college, Nagpur University. I am an Electronics Engineer and working as a Software Tester and Chemistry faculty. I have done a deep study in the field of health and food. I have collected much information about the health issue. I will provide you accurately Home remedies to cure many problems like skin problem, hair fall problem, pimple problem and many more just by doing simple and practical ayurvedic treatments. Health is real wealth. we should take care of it on daily basis. We should eat right and healthy. Each and every person in the world should have to practice necessary exercise and follow the healthy lifestyle to always remain fit. We should encourage them to be fit and healthy by giving relevant information about their health. 
Eat well, sleep well to get healthy and safe from getting ill because healthy people make a healthy society and country.                                                              
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