How to Stay Fit & Healthy Naturally

How to stay fit & healthy naturally | In today's world, every person wants to stay his body fit and healthy naturally, but in a race full of life, we are unable to pay attention to our health. Due to which at present time, every person is suffering from some disease, whether it is a serious or short-term disease. All these types of diseases start with our smallest mistakes, which we never accept and we justify any other reason for those diseases.

In this busy routine, the question of each person is how to stay fit and healthy naturally. To keep ourselves fit and healthy naturally, it is necessary that we have to make some significant changes in our daily routine, so let us know in this article how can we keep ourselves fit and healthy?

How to stay fit and healthy naturally?

If you want to be healthy then follow the sources of AshtangaHridya in your life. These formulas are as follows.

1. Wake up in the morning and drink water
How to stay fit & healthy.
When you get up in the morning, first of all, you drink one to two glasses of water. Drinking water in the morning both intestines are cleaned. If both of the intestines will be clean, do not worry that he will not ever get sick. 

Those people who have obesity or those who have eczema, cholesterol, joint pain, asthma, acidity, they should drink lukewarm water and those who do not have any problem, they should drink normal water. People should drink hot water if there is a winter season. It keeps the body temperature constant.

2. Sit and drink water
You should drink water by sitting. Drinking water for a long time while standing up, you can face the problem of the pain in the joints and knees. Therefore, you should never drink water while standing up. Those who have pain in the knees, you should drink water while sitting on the chair. 

3. Sip and drink water
You should always sip and drink water. As you drink hot milk by sip. When you drink water by sip, the excessive amount of salivary with water will go into the body. Saliva helps to keep maintaining the vata, bile and cough balanced. If humans have to stay healthy then 4 to 5 liters of saliva are required every day and it is possible only by drinking water by sip.

Those who have pain in the ankles will be ended in 3 days. If there is a joint pain then it will go in 12-13 days. When you drink water,  turn the water in the mouth a little and then drink again. If your weight has increased, Using this method, you can reduce your weight by 2 kg. 

4. Drink Amla and Aloe vera juice
As soon as wake up in the morning, you drink amla or aloe vera juice in the empty stomach. You can also eat giloya, basil leaves or neem leaves or one or two garlic buds.

5. Yoga or Exercise

How to stay fit & healthy.
To maintain our body healthy and fit, you should yoga or exercise after getting up in the morning. 20 minutes of daily yoga, you will get excellent benefits. You will feel energetic all day long. Exercise makes your body tight which will make you look as young as possible. Exercise keeps mental balance as well as keeping the body healthy. By which physical and mental stress is automatically removed. That's why it is very important that we incorporate exercise in our daily routine.

6. Eat by chewing food
You eat by chewing the food. Chewing and eating in our country is very important.
Chew the food so many times as your number of teeth, that is, 28 to 32 times chew. According to Ayurveda, chew the food so that it can be found with saliva. Doing such there will be no possibility of any illness happening in life at any time.

7. Do not drink water after eating
Do not drink water after meals, drink 1 to 1½ hours later because your essential digestive enzymes for digestion becomes diluted so that your digestion will not do properly. Therefore, It is advisable that you should wait at least half or one hour to drink water after a meal. After a meal, it is the best time to drink water.

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Other Tips for Daily Healthy Routine

1. Don't eat fast food daily. Eating daily fast food, our physical and mental balance is deteriorating. Therefore, always keep yourself away from outside food.
2. You should eat a homemade meal daily to get a healthy and fit body. You should include green vegetables, fresh fruits, eggs, and milk in excess quantity in your daily diet. You also consume pulses.
3. Don't eat very heavy and fried food that makes you lazy and it is also harmful to health. Add light and healthy diet in your daily diet.

4. There are many benefits of sleeping on the time. You should sleep at least 8 hours for a working person. 8 hours of sleep will give you plenty of energy for the next day. 
5. When you will sleep on the time, Definitely, you will get up soon in the morning and will feel energetic whole day. By this habit, I am a guaranty to you will not feel tired all day.

6. The first breakfast or meal in the morning is very important at the right time. You do breakfast at 9 o'clock. In it, you can include fruits, dry fruits, and grains. Remember to have breakfast because it will provide energy to your body and your ability to work.

7. Working is a good thing but if you work on the sitting chair all the time. So, you should get up from the chair after every 30 mins and should move your body. From it, you will less feel tired and obesity will also not grow.

By following all these habits, your body will remain healthy and fit naturally, and you remain energetic.

Final words

Hope that this article will help you to know about how to stay fit & healthy naturally? We hope that you will consider all the above tips to get a healthy and fit body. 
Thanks for reading!